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Outside of the middle “S”, all of the letters were made out of the same shape.

Here is the shape:

Susan Shape

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  1. William says:

    Interesting how I got to this site, I was searching anagrams, then saw a design for ambigrams, and I have never heard of that, so I searched for ambigrams and then went to and saw your designs for some sort of showdown contest. Now I am here at your site, and saw this susan design. Great design, very funky. Well, enough of my blabbing, just giving kudos.

    • clayton says:

      Anagrams are also very cool. If you rearrange the letters in ALIGATORW_GMAIL.COM you get “ALL I GOT…A MAGIC WORM”…Well, I didn’t say that I’m great at creating them, but they definitely are fun! Thanks for the kudos on the Ambigrams, and let me know if you are ever interested in one.

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