Sharath Kumar K
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This is an ambigram artist from India. He also specializes in pinacograms and limnograms.

Sharath was kind enough to design an ambigram for the name “Clayton”…

Clayton Ambigram by Sharath Kumar K

Sharath was also kind enough to design a couple DOBigrams of my name/birth date. The DOB in DOBigram means “Date of Birth”. He is the inventor of this type of design. I can only take credit for coming up with a name for this type of design in a conversation with Sharath. I am scared to try one. Maybe some day…

DOBigram #1 ( Clayton/15.01.1974 ):

Clayton DOBigram1 Ambigram by Sharath Kumar K

DOBigram #2 ( Clayton/15.01.1974 ):

Clayton2 DOBigram Ambigram by Sharath Kumar K

Sharath created a vertical mirror of my name and I think it turned out great…

Clayton Mabey Vertical Mirror Ambigram

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  1. Manish Sant says:

    Dear Sharath,

    I am highly impressed with you ambigram designs and logos.

    I am planning to get a tattoo done with my Son’s name on my hand. His name is RIDHAM . Wanted to ask you a favor. Could you please create a nice ambigram with his name. I have tried using ambigram generators but they are all the same.

    Ridham was born on 1-1-2013. So incase you want something more to be added, please let me know.


    Manish Sant
    +91 9820597970

    • clayton says:

      Mr. Sant,

      I am not Sharath Kumar K. My name is Clayton Mabey and I have created a design for Sharath (a friend and fellow ambigram artist). Sharath’s designs are amazing. I would be happy to explore designs for RIDHAM. Send a request to Thanks.

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