Right vs Wrong
Posted by on Sep 15, 2011 in Art, Drawings, Rotational Ambigrams | 2 comments

The submissions have been posted for the “Old School” ACAC challenge. In this design, I was able to play with old school shading techniques learned way back in high school. I wanted to create something as far away from what a generator would produce as possible. The entirety of the project was drawn with a #7 mechanical pencil. Ouch, I know…but so much fun!!!

Actual size of original (drawn border): 8-1/2″ x 11-1/2″

To see all of the submissions, click here: http://www.ambigram.com/ac14-submissions


Prints of this piece are for sale…

Click here: http://customambigrams.com/uncategorized/ambigrams-4-sale

2 Responsesto ““Right vs Wrong”

  1. Cleber says:

    Great illustration, Clayton. I would like to have talent with the pencil as well.

  2. Nishant Shah says:

    Hieeee, How do i learn Ambigram..?? is there any ready application to do it..?? can u work it on the name NISHANT??

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