Prokhorov Mirror
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I guess I forgot to actually post this to my site. Oops. I designed it back in mid June 2011. As many of the ambigram artists are aware, Nikita Prokhorov is one of the main editors for and runs many of the events, challenges, and interviews on the site. We have become a great friend. Skydive on, dude…

Here is the original sketch…

Prokhorov Mirror Ambigram Sketch

2 Responsesto ““Prokhorov Mirror”

  1. Wow!!!! That’s very nice!

    I guess it could also work with trimming the upper part of R’s stem. ‘r’ is constructed with a stem and a terminal. In the first ‘r’ (in Pro), the left terminal could seem as the stem, while looking as a terminal in the second ‘r’ (in rov). Is that clear or not?

    Other than that, it’s fantastic. :) Well done Clayton! :)

    Vasileios Stergioudis

    • clayton says:

      That’s a great idea! I think you’r right, the one can become the other. I will see how hard it will be to adjust the hand-drawn design. Thank you. I love seeing your work. Cheers.

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