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Nikita Prokhorov is a fantastic ambigram artist, graphic designer and writer for is a website whose sole purpose is to promote the “artform” of ambigrams.

Check out his website on or check out

Nikita designed the name “Mabey”…

Mabey Ambigram by ProkhorovNikita was kind enough to ambigramize (not a word) my first name for my birthday 2011. Thanks Nikita!

Clayton Ambigram by Nikita

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  1. Dheeraj says:

    Hey man this is cool, but it took me a while to read the chain

  2. clayton says:

    I agree it is a little hard to read. But with this, I chose a style for the pattern of shapes over readability. I had fun making use of the circuilar shapes (6 each name). Thanks Dheeraj.

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