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The following is an excerp taken directly from Mismash’s official site:

“MISMASH has been cranking its amps for 8 years in the Salt Lake City area, playing venues such as The Urban Lounge, The Zephyr, Dead Goat, SLC Arts Festival, Club Vegas, The Venue, that bar across from Sears (wassit called?) and in LA at the Derby and Baltimore MD at Rock House and Harrods. Their music is featured on soundtracks for movies “Singles Ward” and “The Best Two Years” and Indie film “Thanksgiving this Year”. They were hailed by SLC weekly with having the “most inovative sound, and dramatic performance” of Utah bands as finalists in the SLWeekly’s Battle of the Bands. Their sound has been compared to “Suixi and the Bandshies meets, Rush with some Kate Bush and Gwen Stephani thrown in, dramatic, freakish, introspective, dark, humorous.”


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