Linda & Robert – Bethany, Taylor, Kailey, and McKay
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This is my very first FAMILY ambigram. What a fun process it was.

Here was my initial sketch before I drew it in AutoCAD…

Linda & Robert Sketch Ambigram

7 Responsesto ““Linda & Robert – Bethany, Taylor, Kailey, and McKay”

  1. Cleber says:

    Hi Clayton, your ambigrams are amazing, I really liked this ambigram family.
    Congratulations on the website, I already added it in my blog.

    Are you participating of the ACAC on
    A big hug to you.
    Cleber Faria

    • clayton says:

      I don’t know what the ACAC is. I will get on your blog tonight and check it out. Thanks for the kind words. -Clayton

    • clayton says:

      OK. The ACAC looks very fun. Don’t have a lot of time to turn out a design, but I’ll give it a shot.

  2. Hi Clayton,
    this is a great ambigram! It’s consistant and unique in style, just what I like. Only one minor point of critique: The “R” looks a little bit like a “B”…
    But putting so many names in one design is a huge effort and you created a great result.


    • clayton says:

      Thanks for the feedback, Bastian. I too struggled with the trade-off between the R vs. &, as well as the central B in robert (thinking that it resembled too closely a P). The last thing I want is for someone to ask Linda why she married a guy named Bopert. :) I’ll play with it to see how I can improve readability with both. Thanks again.

  3. nagfa says:

    Hi Clayton,

    Loving the sheer effort of this piece. One would need an immense amount of mental stamina to undergo – and then, completing – something like this.

    Well done on the font-style – unlike the ever more common Blackletter-based ones or the thickened ribbon style – which is structurally strong and aesthetically consistent.

    More of these, please.


    • clayton says:

      I really appreciate the compliments. I have admired your work for years, so it means a lot. It was a crazy request…and at first I shook my head and didn’t know how. But I decided to give it a go and figure it out. Sure beats Sudoku. Cheers.

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