Edith Piaf
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This was a mini-challenge between John Moore, Nikita Prokhorov and myself. John created the first design comprised of two ambigrams. One for Edith and another for Piaf. Nikita created a single ambigram of both names end to end, and I created a symbiotogram of the Edith and Piaf individually. Pretty fun…





Here is a cool effect (thanks to www.Plewto.com)

Metallic Edith Piaf Ambigram


Here are John Moore’s designs:

John’s website – http://www.behance.net/johnmoore

Edith Piaf John Moore 1 Ambigram

Edith Piaf John Moore 2 Ambigram


Here are Nikita Prokhorov’s designs:

Nikita’s websites – http://www.npgraphicdesign.com/ or http://www.ambigram.com

Edith Piaf Nikita Sketch Ambigram

Edith Piaf Nikita Ambigram

2 Responsesto ““Edith Piaf”

  1. Bethany says:

    Good job the metal Edith Piaf, Clayton! I am impressed with that one. Looks like it is all really metal.

    The design is just great, this is my second favorite after your Clayton/Libby Ambigram.

    • clayton says:

      Thank you Bethany. It was a quick sketch, and a friend put the metal effect to the design, just for fun. I liked what he did, and posted it. This was fun.

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