Clayton Mabey
Posted by on Sep 23, 2010 in Art, Perceptual Shift Ambigrams | 4 comments

This is a Perceptual Shift Ambigram or Oscillation. This is a scan of a hand sketch that I did last year (2009) and hopefully I make the time to refine it later on. The goal was to create a design that used every “letter form” to spell both my first and my last name “Clayton” and “Mabey”.

4 Responsesto ““Clayton Mabey”

  1. nagfa says:


    This kind of ambigram is termed as a ‘perceptual shift’, if I remember correctly.

    The ‘e’ in Mabey is the only challenging part to decipher. The rest works well, though, to be read.

    Well done.


    • clayton says:

      Thanks for the comments and critique, Nagfa. Are you still holding ambigram competitions on your own site? Your work is fantastic!

  2. N8 says:

    Very cool design! I like the greyscale, too.

  3. onur says:

    hi, i want to make a tattoo as this type of ambigram. i have not found any designer. could u give me a favor to design for me? words are EMEL & BADE. thanks anyway

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