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My two hour attempt at’s Quick Draw challenge #5.

Here is a version showing an ever so slight break in the C-A…

Casablanca 2 Ambigram

Also, here is a drawing of Mr. Bogart that I drew about 20 years ago…

Bogart Drawing

3 Responsesto ““Casablanca”

  1. Now *that* is more legible than either of the official entrants for this Quick Draw. I suspect that making the ‘C’ from a huge swash on the ‘a’ is probably the route I’d have gone down too…

  2. Prajyot says:

    The design is totally wicked … Total out of the box thinking ..

  3. clayton says:

    Thanks you guys. It could definitely use some polishing, but I thought it was a “different” approach. And again, I trend toward the lower-case letters anyway…which is weird, because when I write, I use all upper-case letters. I’m messed up.

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