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I also submitted this piece into the 9th Ambigram Challenge (ACAC), but did not place with this piece. I was pleased with it because of the simple fact that I only used the lettering from the original poster to create the ambigram design. I used the “eli”, flipped it upside-down and created the “m”…and I used the first “A” to create the funky ending “E”. Here is the original lettering…

Amelie Original Writing for Ambigram

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  1. Bob Morris says:

    Your work is amazing. Lorrie and I really appreciate the Morris one that you did. She was very excited about it. We chased all over Rome on a self guided site seeing “Angels and Demons” tour so it is real fun for us. Thanks, again.

  2. Colin Christie says:

    Fantastic! I love that you were able to keep three full letters (almost four) EXACTLY the same. Part of designing an ambigram is choosing the right word, so this was a great choice! Would’ve certainly placed had ‘Lambs / Lecter’ not stolen the show.

  3. clayton says:

    I’m glad you enjoyed the Rome tour. That sounds like so much fun. Hope things are well for you down in warm country.

    Thank you. Even though it was more simple, I was pleased with the readability of this ambigram. The ‘Lambs/Lecter’ took up too many pages in my sketch-book. I about pulled my hair out.

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